Oral Interpretation

Wuhan Sense Translation & Interpretation  Co., Ltd.

Price  List of Oral Interpretation Service

Oral    Interpretation (counted as per 8 hours/day)

Language Type

Tourism/business    negotiation/site construction (Unit: yuan/day)

Simultaneous    interpretation (Unit: yuan/group/day)


800    ~ 1500


French,    German, Japanese or Russian

1200    ~ 2500


Russian,    Korean, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish

1800    ~ 4000


Other rare language types



Oral  interpretation description:
 1. Time  calculation: time is calculated based on half-day increments where less than  half a day is calculated as one half day and less than one day is calculated as  one day. Each day has 8 working hours. Overtime fees shall be added to time in  excess of 8 hours per day.
 2. Advance  reservation: to ensure quality of oral interpretation, please make a reservation  at least one day in advance; additionally, provide relevant detailed background  information as much as possible.
 3. Number of  interpreters: each interpreter will only provide interpretation services to a  maximum of two foreigners; otherwise other interpreters will be employed.
 4. Deposit:  60% of the total cost. Final payment shall be made no later than 3 days  following the interpretation.
 5. Second  foreign language: when a customer needs an interpreter who can interpret into  two languages, fees will be adjusted according to the language type.
 6. Additional  fees: When working in other cities, an additional fee of 200 yuan/interpreter/day  will be charged for transport, accommodation, and other expenses.

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