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Company file

Sense Translation & Interpretation Co., Ltd. is constituted and staffed by a group of experts and scholars with high reputation from Foreign Language College of Wuhan University, Hubei Provincial Translation Association and Hubei Provincial Senior Professors Association together with some foreign friends. Sense Translation & Interpretation Co., Ltd., registered in Wuhan Administrative Bureau for Industry & Commerce, is the biggest company specialized in translation and interpretation in Wuhan City and even in Hubei Province.

Possessing the biggest translation network in Hubei Province, with more than 1000 professional and experienced senior translators and interpreters, Sense Translation & Interpretation Co., Ltd. is capable enough of mutual translation and interpretation between Chinese and dozens of foreign languages such as English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Italian, etc. covering more than 60 fields, including machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, architecture, medicine, telecommunication, economy & trade, automobile, petroleum, textile, papermaking, water conservancy, traffic, law, macromolecule and immunology, etc. We have employed 38 professional translators and interpreters, 63 first-grade translators at the level of professor dealing with comments and correction and 25 foreign professors as well so that we can ensure the efficiency, quickness, accuracy and authoritativeness of the translations.

With the enterprise philosophy of “devoting ourselves to the profession”, Sense Translation & Interpretation Co., Ltd. has won clients’ trusts with extraordinary strength and good reputation, and has contributed greatly to the reform and opening to and exchange with the outside world of Wuhan City and even of Hubei Province.

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