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Wuhan Sense Translation & Interpretation  Co., Ltd.

Price  List of Translation Service


Language type

(Unit:    Yuan/Drawing)

Unit    price for Catergory 1 document translation (Unit: Yuan/1000 Chinese    characters)

Translated    documents are charged according to the four levels below:
Each    successive level is 20 yuan cheaper




Level 1: formal documents, legal    documents, or published documents;
Level 2: general documents or other    materials;
Level 3: reference materials;
Level 4: summaries;
Level 5: special fields (Literature,    chemical engineering, medicine, IT, etc.)



Chinese-Japanese,    German, French or Russian



Japanese,    German, French or Russian-Chinese


Chinese-Korean,    Spanish, Italian or Portuguese



Korean,    Spanish, Italian or Portuguese-Chinese


Chinese-rare    language

Above    300 yuan

Above    400 yuan

Negotiated    per document

Rare    language-Chinese

Above    400 yuan

Negotiated    per document

Note: Wuhan Sense Translation &  Interpretation Co., Ltd. reserves final interpretation rights for this price  list.

Additional remarks:
 1. Word count: based on the  number of characters given in Microsoft Word (excluding spaces). Fewer than  1000 characters are counted as 1000 characters.
 2. Rare languages: official  languages other than Japanese, English, French, German, Korean, Russian,  Italian and Portuguese.
 3. Daily translation volume: daily  translation volume for English is normally 20,000 characters, and 10,000  characters for other languages, starting from the second day after receiving  authorization to begin translating.
 4. Overtime fee: in the event  of exceeding the above daily normal translation volume, an overtime fee of  about 30% negotiated by both parties according to actual circumstances will be  added.
 5. Deposit: based on the  estimated character count, a deposit of no less than 60% shall be collected.
 6. Free service: document reception and  delivery and explanations for the translated documents is free. We do not  accept document with reactionary or objectionable content.
 7. Other commitments: our  commitment to modify the translated document is effective for 60 days.
 8. Preferential policy: preferential treatment  will be given to companies whose documents exceed 200,000 per month.

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